Before You

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Love
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This was a poem that I had written in 2009. Hope you like it.


Before you, my life was an empty canvas,
Where I experimented with colors.
But none appeared on it.
I thought my vision was impaired.
But you taught me,
That the right colors are yet to get splashed on it.

Before you, my life was a tuneless melody,
Where the words ordered themselves in unruly rhymes.
But no magic emerged from it.
But you taught me,
That the right strains are yet to be notated on it.

Before you, my life was an absurd story,
Where the characters bore no meaning at all.
But your love transformed it,
Filled it with melodies, colors and words,
Which knitted the wonderful tale of our love
In colorful threads,
Kneaded with a golden needle
And perfumed with fragrances from paradise.

Before you, life was not Life;
I was not me.

  1. gerilewis001 says:

    Nice. i’m just cruzing around reading other’s work and hpefully you will take alook @ mine. Peac, Ger-I

  2. Hiddo says:

    one of my favs…:D…
    .yeah i liked him too…

  3. Bhagya says:

    nice one again…i hope d guy too reads it!!!

  4. Nandini says:

    @Hiddo Haa. . I know you hated him.

    @Bhagya He did read it then. He liked it too. But then, destiny has other things in mind 😀

  5. sreeraj says:

    “there is nothing called destiny there are only choices”

    • Nandini says:

      There are choices and beliefs. I respect your belief. My rationale doesn’t believe in destiny but my romantic side doesn’t let go of it. And I am not ashamed of that at all.

  6. Hiddo says:

    @nandini…well i think it was the other way around…and i don’t lie…

  7. Hiddo says:

    that, i don’t know…i liked him…

  8. Hiddo says:

    what did you like ?….matlab?…he is a good guy..

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