Are you real?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Death, Love, Pain
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Lost in the valley of pain
Ne’er did I realize that it had to end.

Immersed in the sense of sorrow,
I tried to reach the lid of my life.

I failed to love, I failed to live;
I failed in every way.

I trusted you more than I trusted them,
Who made me what I am.

All I got was a card;
Yes, I am glad that you’re happy.

But I can’t lie anymore:
To myself and to my world.

As I dived into the valley of ignorance,
I caught one last glimpse of you.

And you were smiling.

There were nights when I couldn’t sleep. Most nights were like that. I suffer from the disease called love. Even when I am out of it, I cry for love. Not the lack of it. But what I had, once. ©

  1. Hiddo says:

    really beautiful…:D

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