The Ubersexuals

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Random
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The Metrosexual male – I know this term’s rather old but you know what? I wanted to talk about it. I don’t know if he was always this beauty conscious or if it’s the changing winds. Maybe he was into beauty since time immemorial. But what interests me is not the history. It’s the concept.

Walking down the street and having taken a seat at your favourite cafeteria, you notice a young man seated alone, perusing a magazine; must be a techie, I decided. I made a mental character sketch of this hottie. He was neither fat nor slim, i . e., he was my kind of healthy looking person; dark hair, no moustache, clean looking. But it didn’t end there. There was more to it. His perfectly shaped and manicured finger nails caught my attention and I was amused. Even his face spoke of a perfect radiance that any girl would want to have. He wore a tiny earring that looked chic on that man. Neat and tidy, and well taken care of; that guy was a sight for sore eyes.

I walked into my classroom expecting a new lecturer to arrive and as he did, I had to rethink about my idea of a lecturer. In a semi-long kurta with very attractive batik print, he looked as if he could carry off anything with ease. He was a middle aged man, but attractive nevertheless. I spent my next one hour thinking about how perfect his eyebrows looked: arched, shaped to perfection. His hair was chopped to bare minimum but even that seemed to have a pattern. His flawless skin made me extremely jealous of him. And his long, slender, perfect hands made me imagine him to be an artist painting a world of fantasy before my very eyes; sans the paint making him look dirty. (Seriously speaking, I like that messy look a lot.) He wore wrist bands that looked like rudraksha and I somehow had this urge to start wearing stuff like that. As he walked out the class, I noticed how rhythmically he walked; almost like a runway model.

On my way from college, I happened to see this hot Goth chick on a roaring bike. Damn, sexy bike! But it took me two minutes to figure out that the Goth chick in front of me was a dude. Heavily kajaled eyes, black attire and long, black-blue mane, black and silver accessories shaped like huge chains and linked safety pins; he looked like a Greek god. Acheron Parthenopaeus was the first name that struck my head. But then I thought of other likely comparisons and the name Ryan Conferido hit my mind. Yes, these guys are sexy and they know it. Ryan for one is ubersexual. He can wear a sexy speedo and not look any less masculine but still sensual enough. Or that’s what I feel, as I am Ryan-biased.

Guys, I like the change in you all but I hope you’d stop classifying women as purely sensual creatures because at least by now you should understand that you and her, both, love loving yourself/herself. And I am not saying that all men should be ubersexual, either. The rough, unshaven, messy look has its share of attractiveness.

  1. adiosdream says:

    Fantastic, well, I really didn’t expect a Ryan or Ash example, that took me by surprise. But this is really great!

  2. Lone Wolf says:

    nyce analysis given frm a prespective of a woman…gives an insight how they analyse us men! 🙂
    Gud hai chalo i dnt fall in ne of d abv categories to warrant such scrutiny! 😀

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