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Thousand Kisses

Posted: August 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Trembling lips and an anxious red predator

That tasted like sweet tea

Awaited the bristly face against hers and

Those dark lips; abused by cigarettes, alcohol and others.


Lip to lip, the secret unveiled

Like pouring sweet honey from pot to pot;

Half-frozen honey, melting in both pots.

The honey covered tongue wiggled as one hundred invisible ants bit them;

At once.


Eyes crossed once or twice and closed

As the breath yielded to the passion;

Passion like seasoned jam, made from ripe pineapples;

Prickly but sweet.



A Thousand Kisses More. 


Civil Civilized Civilization

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Civil Civilized Civilization

A random thought occurred. Shall I share it with you?


Love Today

Posted: August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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“Beneath your windowsill, I stood collecting your tears.
Those diamonds were precious to me alone over these years.

Now he came and robbed you off your luxury;
Did I not tell you that all men are not Me?

I am not them. “

“I cry because of you; wringing the pearls off my smile,
What pleasure do you gain?

Daisies bleed tiny red droplets of tears
And I alone see their weary wars.

Bees, like you, wasted the flowers
Leaving nothing but empty advices.”

I walk to and fro from one to the other;
Like walking two worlds, light years apart.

It rained, it froze, it burnt, it bloomed;
I alone walked this earth bleeding salt and water .