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Are you real?

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Death, Love, Pain
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Lost in the valley of pain
Ne’er did I realize that it had to end.

Immersed in the sense of sorrow,
I tried to reach the lid of my life.

I failed to love, I failed to live;
I failed in every way.

I trusted you more than I trusted them,
Who made me what I am.

All I got was a card;
Yes, I am glad that you’re happy.

But I can’t lie anymore:
To myself and to my world.

As I dived into the valley of ignorance,
I caught one last glimpse of you.

And you were smiling.

There were nights when I couldn’t sleep. Most nights were like that. I suffer from the disease called love. Even when I am out of it, I cry for love. Not the lack of it. But what I had, once. ©


My Angel

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Love, Pain
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I did not want to give a title to this one. But I ended up doing so. Written on October 31, 2011. It’s yet again about love and pain. I feel a lot of both. I hope you wouldn’t hate me for being repetitive.

In a dream, I see you spreading your white wings wide to hide me,
But in reality, the darkness in you engulfed my sanity;
And I am but a walking, talking corpse.

In you I sought peace
And in you, I lost myself.

A shadow cast by the darkness, I am.
You’re but the darkness in my world.

I dared to wade through this darkness
And now I suffer; suffer alone.


Before You

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Love
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This was a poem that I had written in 2009. Hope you like it.


Before you, my life was an empty canvas,
Where I experimented with colors.
But none appeared on it.
I thought my vision was impaired.
But you taught me,
That the right colors are yet to get splashed on it.

Before you, my life was a tuneless melody,
Where the words ordered themselves in unruly rhymes.
But no magic emerged from it.
But you taught me,
That the right strains are yet to be notated on it.

Before you, my life was an absurd story,
Where the characters bore no meaning at all.
But your love transformed it,
Filled it with melodies, colors and words,
Which knitted the wonderful tale of our love
In colorful threads,
Kneaded with a golden needle
And perfumed with fragrances from paradise.

Before you, life was not Life;
I was not me.