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It was fifty-four past six.
Summer has gone to sleep
But its heat is still resting peacefully on the busy roads
And on concrete monuments with no history.
Birds become sailors, fighting against the mighty pirates of the sky:
The lonely woman paced on the terrace,
Looking for the stars
In a sky that was all grey-black and blue-grey.
The techno-jazz beats of the human-made chariots,
The honking and the roars.
Five kittens and she, they paced the roof.
Will it rain: the coconut palms might know
Since they swayed omnisciently
Even as the heat permeated the air.
Wayside chefs sweated for their salaries
While the glorified proofreaders lazily slept
Owing to the lack of papers to flip.
Hawkers and vendors raised their voices:
Tamil, Malayalam or Hindi?
The kittens probably didn’t know any of these.
The blue deepened; the wind picked up its pace.
Is there a match tomorrow?
Her eyes met another late-terrace-pacer’s
And they both walked off to their cocoons,
Away from humanity,
Away from the cognizant eyes.