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I’ll be starting a new series where I’d use a picture and a corresponding story excerpt of my own. Of course, the picture would be mine too. Please feel free to give me your responses

Can I write something that will make me less you

And you a little more me?


Adding colours to our conversations

While dyeing it grey?


Words fail me as they lean on my barren imagination.

Deeds fail me as I fail to reach out. 


Today, can I be a little less me and a bit more you?

Because this world needs more of you and less of me .


Picking up my limbs as they kept falling down
While I walked to the end of perdition,
I hummed and your blood
Evaporated into an igneous effervescence.

Your memory floated in the solitary musings of the songbird
And I reminisced the ripples that shook your anatomy –
The divine rhythms of high Olympus
Rankled my sanity.

Your eyes, they were the end of my cognition
As I saw the two worlds unite in them
And I saw my world falling apart in them,
I fell into your abyss and ecstasy ruptured.

Do re mi fa so la ti
So sang my bird.