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Bright lights would perish, all of a sudden.
Those that persevere, ember to ember, flame to flame, shall remain.

Erebus shall dine on light, night after night.
You and I, we shall keep adding coal to this fire.

Gorging on corpses, Nekhbet saw afar a tomb-
Painted grey and red, darling I knew it was yours.

“Hide it from her eyes”, you said.
I stood bemused: “Are you a better lover or her?”, I asked.

Soul withers; alas, were you too bright?
I counted the pebbles nigh yon Nile amid your bones, teeth, etc.

Adieu to your flame, I said;
Along with life, death and other things.


Find me in an ocean falling for pearls;

Drowning for memories, falling for pearls ..

Build me an ocean yonder that sea..

Build me all that I’ve left unseen..

Find me the memories, garish and gay;

Deranged in misery, arranged in may.



You and I, we’re infinite;

Hence it is fated that we’d never meet.

Parallel in universes 

Parted by mindsets,

United by tristesse infinie


T/N : Triste Infiniment : Infinitely Sad ; Tristesse infinie: Infinite sadness / melancholy

Numb words: un-…

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Death, Life, Pain, Quote
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Numb words: un-uttered and cold; Dreamless in the wake of crimson darkness.
My alter ego has left this altar; time to extinguish the flame.

– Me ( Nandini Pradeep J )



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Pain..Blinding pain.
I may not be able to explain it but I shall revel in it, with all my senses scintillating in its glorious riot.

– Me  ( Nandini Pradeep J )


For the first…

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For the first time in many days, fear has engulfed my existence.
Sheer melancholy throbs in the lonely corners of this haunted bone-house.

– Me ( Nandini Pradeep J )



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Chained up, yes.
I was badly chained up
So much so
That it bled.

It kept flowing
Like ketchup from a
Healthy sandwich.
Like mayonnaise.

I was locked up
In the prison
Of my Body.

Who is this I?
Who am I?
I don’t know.
나도 몰라 
But I know
I am in Prison.