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Posted: January 7, 2012 in Fiction, Random
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I want to cry, I told him. I want to scream till every pore in my skin oozed out the pain I bore in my heart. Everything will be ok and things will be better, he said. I am not so sure, I replied. He got up and left.

My last hope, my best friend, just left me. I was not to stop believing in myself though. I will still fight, I told myself.

It was on the very same day that I met Him last year. Everything was just the same except for my partner at this Café. I was waiting for my bestie but he didn’t turn up. And He turned up instead.  He was waiting for no one. Seeing that I am waiting for someone, He came and sat next to me. Do you have a cigarette to spare? I asked Him as I saw Him smoking. He offered me a pack and I took one out of decency. I want to fall in love, I told Him. Sure, let’s get married, He said. Okay. When? That was my response. He got up and left without saying a word. I knew I’d never forget Him. And I didn’t. My bestie told me that I am crazy, though. Maybe he is right.

Six months later, I dreamt of Him. He got married to me in a dream.  My bestie took me to a shrink when I told him this. The shrink told my friend that “there are reasons to worry about.” He was right. I was diagnosed with cancer last month. And it was the last stage. Just my luck, you know.

So I decided to be normal for a change. Or what my bestie thought was normal. I woke up at 6 and went to the piano classes and got back around 8 and went to college. I was never a brilliant student so it didn’t matter if I went to classes or not. I spent my evening with Sam, my bestie. I should have told his name before, no?

I made it a point to have supper with my parents. They’ll soon lose their only child. Sam says it’s really painful to lose someone whom you loved. I never really loved anyone.  I always asked Sam if it is necessary to have eyesight to fall in love. I have always been sans vision. I mean eyesight. I’d never agree with someone who would say that I got no “vision”. Am I weird?

I was born blind, yes.  Out of curiosity, I’d ask Sam to tell me about his girlfriend. He’d get really irritated. She was a sweet girl but she’d never hang out with us. Later, I came to know that she never came along with him because he left her for someone else. The next girl didn’t like Sam hanging out with me so he left me for sometime until she broke up with him. I teased him that no one can stand his nonsense as much as I can. He’d love it when I told him that. He’d laugh and hug me and also, tell me that I am the best. He’s nice to me.

Anyways, I am dying and I wanted to be remembered for something. So you know what I did? I called up a random number and asked the person who took up the phone to come and meet me here at the café. She said yes. And now I am waiting. She didn’t turn up as I guessed. So I’ve decided to handover the story that I wrote to the first person I meet on my way back.

But you did know that Sam was my boyfriend, right? And I broke up with him just a few minutes ago, right? It’s just that I like imagining stuff all the time. Hope you didn’t mind. Oh yeah, the rest of it was true. I am barking mad.